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"Caring for your pets whilst your way"


Are you going on holiday but don't want to leave your pets in boarding kennels/catteries?  Wish your pet could get all the exercise and TLC they need while you are traveling or gone for the weekend?

Well now they can! At (Happy Tails) we specialize in providing superior care to pets in the comfort of their own home.  You won't have to worry about stressing your pet out by leaving them in an unfamiliar boarding facility.  Instead your pet will feel safe and secure by staying in his their own territory.





















Company history


Happy Tails have now been up and running since March 2009 and the growing number of happy repeat business customers demonstrates that pet owners can go to work, have a holiday, visit friends, take short breaks, and have a pet day off, pet to vet or pet taxi in the certain knowledge that their pet will be exercised loved and cherished in their own environment.  Needless to say Happy Tails are ever more so, the preferred secure, insured and police checked, professional answer to the care of pets in their own homes.  We are constantly monitoring our services and areas of operation and look forward to new announcement's in the future.


My name is Katie Lewin, and as far back as I can remember I've always loved and respected animals and would always stop and pet a cat or dog if one crossed my path (I'd never not make a fuss)  From childhood I have always owned and loved many animals, caring and loving them gave me so much pleasure. 

 It started when I looked after animals for my friends and neighbours, also owning my own pets the thought of  or catteries always worried me, I much preferred my pets to stay the comfort of their own home.  Then I recognized the need for pets who do not adapt to being kept in catteries or boarding kennels.



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