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Katie is not just a dog walker and dog sitter - she is a dog genius and also superwomen! She is totally in tune with our bonkers dogs Maisie (rip) Scrumpy, Ozzie and Scooby she gives them the most wonderful love and fun when she walks them for miles and dog sits. Life would be impossible without her.


Cate and Anthony

St Brelads

You just have to see Coco greet Katie to know how well they get on. It’s a huge relief to know that she is going to have a great time while we are at work each day. It’s even better to know that, when we go away on holiday, Coco is going to have a good time too. But, probably the best thing is to know that Coco is going to be well looked after as we trust Katie whole heartedly.

Elaine and Michael



I am Sid (9 year old chocolate Labrador) and Kabanga is my 2 year old white chocolate Labrador, brother.

The humans we own are Mike and Joan Birt.  They tell us often that we are the best and most beloved dogs in the world and we agree with them.  When Mike and Joan are due to go away, they begin to pack their suitcases and we both notice they get sad and clingy and seem to start to miss us before they have left. We, however, don't mind a bit as we know Katie of Happy Tails is about to come to our home, to take care of us.  Katie talks dog really well, she feeds us on time and walks us every day and we find it a treat to have her round.  She looks after us and gives us a holiday from the task of protecting Mike and Joan.  Katie keeps our home tidy and is careful about security and is really great at sorting any house problems that arise.  Last time our people were away I told Katie that my nose was sore.  She understood I needed to see a Vet and I was there in a tails wag.  We would like to tell every one how lucky we feel to have our Katie to care for us during our Holiday time. Sid Birt.



Joan and Michael
St Lawence



I could not be happier to leave my yard in Katie's capable and reliable hands when I need to be away.  Her affection for my animals always shines through and I know they will be responsibly cared for - but loved too!.




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